Democracy Week

Check out our Facebook page. This week we're featuring our democracy and parliament incursions.

⚖️ A big week this week - we're showcasing three of our incursion programs: Parliament Process, Parliament Process - Experts, and Democracy, Community and Me. We're calling it 'Democracy Week'.

Each incursion focuses on democracy and government, and each incursion strongly links to the civics and citizenship area of the curriculum.

If you're studying democracy, rules, laws, voting or parliament, we highly recommend booking these incursions!

Thanks Derryn!

An exciting time in politics!

What an exciting time in politics with Bill Shorten calling for a republic and a number of MPs going to the High Court with citizenship cases!

What is citizenship? What is the Constitution? What is a by-election? How are laws made? What is a hung parliament? What is a referendum? What is a plebiscite? What is a republic?😨

Your students have the most inquisitive minds. We can answer these questions! Our Parliament incursions empower students to understand the political system. Check out our website for details 😀

There has never been a better time to delve deep into Australian democracy.

Incursion Resources

Good morning teachers! 😎

We've been busy over the holidays making a few changes to our website. Little bits here and there that you might not notice and some that you might.

One that you might notice is our new 'resources' section. Here you can access your teacher resources from our incursions.

What teacher resources you ask? Well, with every booking we provide teachers with follow-up resources that consolidate and build on the content of the incursion.

You'll need a password (provided to you after the incursion) to access them, but we do have free sample resources available for download so you can see the sort of follow-up we provide with an incursion booking.

Check it out! 👌

Convicts and Captains Update

It's been great to see students and teachers enjoying our newest incursion Convicts and Captains!

Students have been adventuring on the high seas, exploring convict life, making souvenirs, experiencing convict punishment and exploring our national symbols.

A big thank you to all the teachers and students who've participated in our incursion so far!

Lots of fun to be had!

Convicts and Captains

Convicts and Captains History School Incursion Logo

We're really excited to announce a new incursion!

In our 'Convicts and Captains' incursion, students take on the roles of convicts and captains as they participate in a series of interactive activities.

It's not a show, instead students are actively immersed in the experience. We have costumes, props, work and games. It's hands-on, fun and educational! Convicts and Captains links to the History learning area of the Victorian Curriculum.

We still have some availability for term 2 so book now!

More details are available on the Convicts and Captains page of our website.

Linked Incursions Team

Leprechaun Madness!

With St Patrick's Day just around the corner this Friday, we've compiled a list of online leprechaun games for your students.

Perfect for a Friday afternoon. Some are more educational than others, but they're all good fun!

Click here for a downloadable PDF you can put on your share drive to give students easy access to the games.

Or, check them out below!

Trap the Leprechaun 1 OR Trap the Leprechaun 2 - Can anyone actually do this?

Green Leprechauns - A logic puzzle. Turn all the squares green.

Lucky Drops – Multiplication Game - Show your multiplication facts while collecting gold.

Spot the Difference - For the younger grades.

Row Swapping Puzzle - Swap the vertical and horizontal rows to make the picture.

Shamrock Shatter - This one takes some concentration!

Hangman - An Irish theme…

Addition Puzzle - Drag the piece of the picture to the correct answer to complete the puzzle.

Join the Dots - Another one for the younger grades!

Memory Challenge - How good is your memory?

Linked Incursions Team