Leprechaun Madness!

With St Patrick's Day just around the corner this Friday, we've compiled a list of online leprechaun games for your students.

Perfect for a Friday afternoon. Some are more educational than others, but they're all good fun!

Click here for a downloadable PDF you can put on your share drive to give students easy access to the games.

Or, check them out below!

Trap the Leprechaun 1 OR Trap the Leprechaun 2 - Can anyone actually do this?

Green Leprechauns - A logic puzzle. Turn all the squares green.

Lucky Drops – Multiplication Game - Show your multiplication facts while collecting gold.

Spot the Difference - For the younger grades.

Row Swapping Puzzle - Swap the vertical and horizontal rows to make the picture.

Shamrock Shatter - This one takes some concentration!

Hangman - An Irish theme…

Addition Puzzle - Drag the piece of the picture to the correct answer to complete the puzzle.

Join the Dots - Another one for the younger grades!

Memory Challenge - How good is your memory?

Linked Incursions Team