Linked Incursions provides school incursions throughout Melbourne and Victoria, clearly linked to the Victorian Curriculum.

All our school incursions are run by qualified and experienced teachers.

We also provide fun and educational vacation care incursions.

New Incursion: Code Masters

Introducing our newest incursion: Code Masters.

We've worked hard to create a digital technologies incursion that is more than a 'play with robots' session. This is a hands on, interactive and educationally valuable addition to your in-school digital technologies program.

It has been designed by teachers, starting with the Victorian Curriculum as a foundation, to ensure your students get the best educational benefit from our visit.

We can't wait to run this incursion at your school!

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We're qualified and experienced school teachers.

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Our hands-on and interactive school incursions are excellent springboard activities to promote students' interest in a range of topics. Teachers can use our incursions to deeper explore a unit of inquiry, or as an end-of-unit reflection. All of our incursions have explicit curriculum links to ensure students gain strong educational benefits.

Teachers receive assessment rubrics and follow-up resources including lesson plans and activities with all of our incursions. We also provide professional development hours for all attending teachers.