Full STEAM Ahead

Step up your STEAM with our fun-filled science incursion.

Students follow the scientific process through investigating physical forces that we encounter every day. They explore a range of energy types including electricity, magnetism, gravity, elastic, friction, pushes, pulls and wind energy. 

Students follow the design process and use their creativity to build, evaluate and adapt race cars that follow specific criteria. 

Booking this incursion includes assessment rubrics, follow-up resources, lessons plans, and professional development certificates for all attending teachers.

Suitable for Year 1 to Year 6

This incursion is also great as a fun after school care, vacation care or school camp incursion.

✔ Science

✔ Design and Technologies

✔ Mathematics

✔ Year 1 to Year 6

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"Absolutely a wonderful and engaging incursion. The students were very motivated and responded enthusiastically to all tasks. The follow up activities were excellent and perfect for our students' portfolios. Thank you for sharing your great ideas!"

Nadia, Sacred Heart Primary School, Kew

Important Information

  • The ideal location for this incursion is a large, unfurnished, uncarpeted indoor area.

  • We require access to the incursion location 30-60 minutes before the start time.

  • We request to be in one location for the day as setup can take some time.

  • Linked Incursions provides all other necessary resources.

  • Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 35 students.

  • The incursion runs for 80 to 90 minutes.

  • Teachers are responsible for supervision of students at all times.

  • Please see our pricing page for the cost of this incursion.