Here's some of our recent feedback from teachers:

Code Masters Incursion

“The Code Masters incursion was fabulous. All students were extremely engaged. The rotations challenged each child's thinking and promoted discussion around binary numbers and Spheros. It has definitely inspired our senior students and teachers. Our class cannot stop learning about binary numbers now. We're hooked!”

Sarah, Ascot Vale Primary School

"This is our second experience with Linked Incursions and once again, we were not disappointed. Daniel presented a fun and engaging way for students to understand the world of consumers, trading and finance. The students were entertained and loved the hands on activities of age appropriate and relatable topics. Thank you for the great follow up activities and resources."

Market Manoueuvres Economics Incursion

Liza , Our Lady of Mount Carmel P.S. Market Manoeuvres

Convicts and Captains Incursion Logo

"Convicts and Captains is a must have incursion. The kids learnt so much about Australian history and loved every minute of the incursion. Claire was really engaging and the kids said this was the best incursion they have ever had!"

Steph, Lalor Gardens Primary School, Convicts and Captains

"The teachers and students loved Democracy, Community and Me! It was structured so each student had a chance to contribute, and everyone was engaged the whole way through. I would definitely book this incursion again."

Democracy, Community and Me Logo

Mel, Brunswick South-West Primary School, Democracy, Community and Me

Market Manoeuvres

"The students (and teachers) were all engaged and were given a hands on experience to learn about wants and needs, supply and demand and scarcity. I highly recommend the Market Manoeuvres incursion!"

Ritika, William Ruthven Primary School, Market Manoeuvres

Convicts and Captains

"The Convicts and Captains incursion was fantastic. All the students enjoyed all the hands on activities, felt inclusive and got to play the roles of convicts and captains of the first fleet. Dan was a great facilitator who explained all the activities with pride and knowledge."

Veronica, Donburn Primary School, Convicts and Captains

Parliament Package

"The students were engaged and it catered to each individual. The whole incursion from start to finish was planned and executed extremely well. Our first experience will not be our last. Would definitely recommend to all schools."

Derryn, Holy Name Primary School, Parliament Package

Immigration Journeys

"The incursion was very engaging for the kids. The presenter was a very calm and lovely presenter, who the kids responded well to. We were really happy with the incursion."

Michelle, Newtown Primary School, Immigration Journeys

Convicts and Captains History Incursion Logo

"An excellent and engaging incursion, thoroughly enjoyed by the Grade 3s and 4s, educating them about Convicts and Captains in a variety of ways."

S. Ferrari, Templestowe Park Primary School, Convicts and Captains

Full Steam Ahead

"Absolutely a wonderful and engaging incursion. The students were very motivated and responded enthusiastically to all tasks. The follow up activities were excellent and perfect for our students' portfolios."

Nadia, Sacred Heart Primary School Kew, Full Steam Ahead

"Our Grade 3/4 students loved the incursion with Daniel! They had a great time participating in role models and came away filled with information. Thank you Linked Incursions!"

Democracy, Community and Me

Kim, Middle Park Primary School, Democracy, Community and Me

Convicts and Captains

"Teachers loved it, Parent Helpers loved it and all 136 grade 5 students at Narre Warren South P-12 College loved it!"

Katrina, Narre Warren South P-12 College, Convicts and Captains

"...An excellent incursion. The students were engaged and enjoyed every aspect of what was presented. The facilitator of the incursion was excellent and well received by the staff and students in Grade 4. We will be booking this again next year..."

Parliament Process

Frank, Sydenham Hillside Primary School, Parliament Process

Market Manoeuvres

"an engaging and perfectly pitched learning experience for our students. Dan was able to appeal to all levels of understanding, broadening students' topic vocabulary and conceptual understanding. His classroom management was exemplary and I would highly recommend this incursion without hesitation."

Jenny, Noble Park Primary School, Market Manoeuvres

"Daniel and his team were a pleasure to deal with, right from the booking stage. Concepts like rules, laws and democracy can be a little 'dry' but the incursion brought them to life in the most engaging way. The students LOVED this incursion. I will be booking again next year. Highly recommended."

Democracy, Community and Me Incursion Logo

Michelle, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Primary School, Sunshine, Democracy, Community and Me

Convicts and Captains Logo

"Convicts and Captains was the perfect support resource to our Australian History topic. The way Claire delivered the information to our students was at their level but also promoted deeper level thinking. The students (and teachers) really enjoyed having the time to explore the voyage of the First Fleet and life as a convict in a variety of hands on activities. Thanks again!"

Nikki, Mentone Park Primary School, Convicts and Captains

"Full STEAM Ahead was a very worthwhile incursion that engaged all our Grade 2 students. It complemented our unit on Forces very well and provided students with the opportunity to explore various forces in a simple but effective way. Dan was very friendly and accommodating and had a lovely manner with the students. In the words of one of my students after the session, "That was epic"."

Full Steam Ahead Incursion Logo

Vanessa Gunn, Bellbrae Primary School, Full Steam Ahead

Immigration Journeys Incursion

"Daniel was fantastic with the students! It was incredibly engaging. Students were able to consolidate and extend their understanding of immigration."

Megan, Kororoit Creek Primary School, Immigration Journeys

"...a fantastic hands on and engaging incursion. The students were able to share their learning and had a lot of fun along the way."

Convicts and Captains

Katie, St Mary's Primary School, Convicts and Captains

Parliament Process

"What a perfect experience for our students! The incursion was really engaging, enjoyable and educational. Thanks to Daniel from Linked Incursions for being so well prepared and for sharing additional resources to help us teach our own lessons back in the classroom."

Amanda, Billanook Primary School, Parliament Process

Market Manoeuvres

"Dan provided an engaging, curriculum aligned and interactive incursion for our year 5 students. The 90 minute session allowed the students to develop deeper understandings, ask questions and work in teams to explore economic concepts. Thank you for the enjoyable session!"

Louise, Kent Park Primary School, Market Manoeuvres

Parliament Package

"The students loved it and the follow up assessment we have done from our unit has shown that the content they learnt in the incursions has really stuck with them...It was fantastic!"

Sarah, Solway Primary School, Parliament Package

Immigration Journeys

"A very insightful and hands on incursion. The kids loved it and learnt lots!"

Laura, St Thomas More Primary School, Immigration Journeys

Parliament Process

"The children were engaged and were buzzing when they came back to the classroom."

Laurie, Bacchus Marsh Primary School, Parliament Process

Parliament Process

"Parliament Process gave students a great insight to the democracy that shapes our nation and some of its inner workings. Excellent value for both money and time."

Peter, Findon Primary School, Parliament Process

"Our students were highly engaged in learning during the Convicts and Captains incursion. They all learnt so much and different learning styles were catered for through the different types of incursions. Claire was fantastic!"

Annabelle, Camberwell South Primary School, Convicts and Captains


Parliament Package

"Linked Incursions provided us with a great introduction to our Government Inquiry unit. The sessions were very engaging for the students, and provided them with excellent opportunities to participate in and really experience the systems within the Australian Government. Dan was a very personable presenter, the kids loved him and he had a great wealth of knowledge on the subject matter!"

Jeni, Solway Primary School, Parliament Package

"Thoroughly enjoyed the incursion. The students were very motivated and responded well to the presenter. Thank you for sharing your great ideas with our students and teachers."

Market Manoeuvres

Robyn, Noble Park Primary School, Market Manoeuvres

Convicts and Captains Incursion

"We just had the 'Convicts and Captains' Incursion. It was hands on, interactive and it was a big hit with our 3/4 students. The students just loved being able to dress up, not just a small select group of students but all of the large group and all while learning about Australia's history. Dan and Claire were even able to accommodate 8 grades worth of students with the dates that we requested, so no task was too great! The resources will certainly come in very handy and we really like how they have everything linked in with the curriculum. Highly recommend!"

Belinda, Banyule Primary School, Convicts and Captains

Full Steam Ahead school incursion

“We appreciated the presentation from Dan, as he spoke to our students kindly, he included the students in discussions and the hands-on activities were spot on! The activities were engaging and the equipment was easy to use for the students and they were smiling the whole time! I have just asked the students if they thought the incursion could have been improved in any way?...and they said...'it would have been great if we could have kept on going'. They would have loved a whole day of activities. Thanks again Dan for a wonderful incursion. We look forward to seeing you again next year.”

Lynne, Chairo Christian School, Full Steam Ahead

Convicts and Captains Incursion

“A great incursion. A Fun, hands on approach to learning about the First Fleet.”

Ashleigh, St Augustine’s PS, Keilor, Convicts and Captains