Parliament Package

Parliament Process & Parliament Process: Experts Incursions

The best incursion option for fully immersing your students in Australian democracy: two incursions at a discounted price.

In Parliament Process, students learn the foundations of democracy. They participate in an interactive federal election voting role play and they engage in a House of Representatives debate to illustrate how bills become laws.

In Parliament Process: Experts, students consolidate and extend their understanding of Australian democracy. They participate in a hands-on federal referendum vote and a Senate debate role play that examines the process of reviewing bills.

Booking this incursion package includes assessment rubrics, follow-up resources, lessons plans, and professional development certificates for all attending teachers.

Suitable for Year 5 to Year 8

These incursions can be adapted for various year groups. Please contact us for more information.

✔ Civics and Citizenship

✔ Ethical Capability

✔ English

✔ Year 5 to Year 8

Important Information

  • Each incursion must run on separate days.
  • We require a large, unfurnished indoor area in which to run the incursions.
  • One chair per student is required for these incursions.
  • We request access to a digital screen (TV, IWB etc).
  • We require access to the incursion location 30-60 minutes before the start time.
  • We request to be in one location on each day as setup can take some time.
  • Linked Incursions provides all other necessary resources.
  • Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 40 students.
  • Each incursion runs for 70 to 90 minutes.
  • Teachers are responsible for supervision of students at all times.
  • Please see our pricing page for the cost of this incursion package.
  • We recommend students in Year 3 and 4 participate in our Democracy, Community and Me incursion.