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Market Manoeuvres

Australian Curriculum and Victorian Curriculum links

Years 5&6

Economics and Business

  •  ACHEK001 / VCEBR001: Describe the difference between needs and wants and explain why choices need to be made.

  • ACHEK009 / VCEBR002Explore the concept of opportunity cost and explain how it involves choices about the alternative use of limited resources and the need to consider trade-offs.

  • ACHEK003 / VCEBC004Identify influences on consumer choices and explore strategies that can be used to help make informed personal consumer and financial choices.

  • ACHEK010 / VCEBC005Consider the effect that the consumer and financial decisions of individuals may have on themselves, their family, the broader community and the natural, economic and business environment.

  • ACHEK020 / VCEBW007Explore the nature and meaning of work and why individuals choose to participate in work.

  • ACHES014 / VCEBE010: Make decisions, identify appropriate actions by considering the advantages and disadvantages, and form conclusions concerning an economics or business issue or event.

Civics and Citizenship

  • ACHCS031: Interact with others with respect, identify different points of view and share personal perspectives and opinions.

  • ACHCS032: Work in groups to identify issues and develop possible solutions and a plan for action using decision making processes.

  • ACHCK027: Understand why people work in groups to achieve their aims, and how they can express their shared beliefs and values and exercise influence.

Personal and Social Capability

  • VCPSCSO031: Describe the characteristics of respectful relationships and suggest ways that respectful relationships can be achieved.

  • VCPSCSO032: Identify the characteristics of an effective team and develop descriptions for particular roles including leadership, and describe both their own and their team’s performance when undertaking various roles.

  • VCPSCSO033: Describe the various causes of conflict and evaluate possible strategies to address conflict.

Years 7&8

Economics and Business

  • ACHEK017 / VCEBR011: Examine the ways consumers and producers respond to and influence each other in the market, particularly through price mechanism.

  • ACHEK027 / VCEBR012Identify why and how markets may be influenced by government.

  • VCEBW016Consider the ways in which work can contribute to individual and societal wellbeing.

  • ACHES023 / VCEBE019Identify relationships and trends, and generate a range of alternatives for an economic or business issue or event, evaluating the potential costs and benefits of each alternative and the consequences of proposed actions.

Personal and Social Capability

  • VCPSCSO041: Perform in a variety of team roles and accept responsibility as a team member and team leader, assessing how well they support other members of the team.

  • VCPSCSO042: Identify ways to be proactive in initiating strategies to prevent and/or accomplish positive resolutions to conflict.