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Parliament Process: Experts

Victorian Curriculum Links


Years 5&6

Civics and Citizenship

Government and Democracy

  • VCCCG008: Discuss the values, principles and institutions that underpin Australia’s democratic forms of government and explain how this system is influenced by the Westminster system.

  • VCCCG009: Describe the roles and responsibilities of the three levels of government, including shared roles and responsibilities within Australia’s federal system.

  • VCCCG010: Identify and discuss the key features of the Australian electoral process.

  • VCCCG011: Identify the roles and responsibilities of electors and representatives in Australia’s democracy.

Laws and Citizenship

  • VCCCL012: Explain how state/territory and federal laws are initiated and passed through parliament.

Citizenship, Diversity and Identity

  • VCCCC015: Identify who can be an Australian citizen and describe the rights, responsibilities and shared values of Australian citizenship and explore ways citizens can participate in society.

Ethical Capability

Understanding Concepts

  • VCECU009: Examine the contested meaning of concepts including truth and happiness and the extent to which these concepts are and should be valued.


Speaking and Listening

  • VCELA334: Understand that patterns of language interaction vary across social contexts and types of texts and that they help to signal social roles and relationships.

  • VCELY338: Participate in informal debates and plan, rehearse and deliver presentations for defined audiences and purposes incorporating accurate and sequenced content and multimodal elements.

  • VCELA363: Understand that strategies for interaction become more complex and demanding as levels of formality and social distance increase.

  • VCELY366: Participate in and contribute to discussions, clarifying and interrogating ideas, developing and supporting arguments, sharing and evaluating information, experiences and opinions, and use interaction skills, varying conventions of spoken interactions according to group size, formality of interaction and needs and expertise of the audience.

  • VCELY367: Participate in formal and informal debates and plan, rehearse and deliver presentations, selecting and sequencing appropriate content and multimodal elements for defined audiences and purposes, making appropriate choices for modality and emphasis.

Years 7&8

Civics and Citizenship

Government and Democracy

  • VCCCG018: Describe key features of government under the Australian Constitution, including the separation of powers, the Executive, the role of the Houses of Parliament, and the division of powers.

  • VCCCG019: Discuss the freedoms that enable active participation in Australia's democracy within the bounds of law, including freedom of speech, association, assembly, religion and movement.

  • VCCCG020: Explain how citizens can participate in Australia's democracy, including the use of the electoral system, contact with their elected representatives, use of lobby groups, interest groups and direct action.

  • VCCCG021: Describe the process of constitutional change through a referendum.


Speaking and Listening

  • VCELY395: Identify and discuss main ideas, concepts and points of view in spoken texts to evaluate qualities, using interaction skills when sharing interpretations or presenting ideas and information.

  • VCELY396: Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations, selecting and sequencing appropriate content and multimodal elements to promote a point of view or enable a new way of seeing, using body language, voice qualities and other elements to add interest and meaning.

  • VCELY426: Interpret the stated and implied meanings in spoken texts, and use interaction skills including voice and language conventions to discuss evidence that supports or challenges different perspectives.

  • VCELY427: Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations, selecting and sequencing appropriate content, including multimodal elements, to reflect a diversity of viewpoints, using voice and language conventions to suit different situations, modulating voice and incorporating elements for specific effects.