Code Masters

Become a master of code.

Explore the components of a digital system, decode data, execute algorithms and race a robot through obstacles in our digital technologies incursion.

Convicts and Captains

Be a part of history!

Take the role of a convict and a captain in the First Fleet in our interactive history incursion. Adventure on the high seas, help build the colony and get hands-on with Australian symbols and emblems.

Democracy, Community and Me

Bring democracy into your classroom!

Explore rules and laws, stand for election to local government and contribute to your community in a local government role play.

Full STEAM Ahead

Have fun with physics!

Investigate physical forces, follow the design process and improve your science, technology, engineering and maths skills in our fun-filled incursion!

Immigration Journeys

What makes Australia, Australia?

Explore citizenship, discover immigration stories and understand the significance of immigration to Australian society in our series of fun hands-on activities. 

Market Manoeuvres

Master the market to win!

Understand needs and wants, explore supply and demand and test out your business skills in our hands-on economics and finance incursion.

Parliament Process

Bring Parliament to your classroom!

Delve into democracy, cast your vote and participate in our Parliament role play during our interactive experience.

Parliament Process: Experts

Become an expert in Australian government!

Delve deep into democracy. Learn about federation, vote in a referendum and express your views as a senator in our hands-on role play.

Parliament Package

Experience a comprehensive exploration of federal parliament, law making and voting with two incursions at a discounted price.

Our School Incursions

Linked Incursions school workshops are provided by qualified and experienced school teachers. Our incursions have clear links to the Victorian Curriculum and we provide assessment rubrics and follow-up resources including lesson plans and activities with each booking.